7th ed. 2018 – LAVINIA BIAGIOTTI

An exciting expression of innovation and style, the Maison Laura Biagiotti was the forerunner of the synergy between fashion and sport that began in 2000 with the runway show of Italian athletes medaling at the Sydney Olympics. This combination, continued by Lavinia Biagiotti, took shape with the exceptional goal of being able to host the prestigious Ryder Cup of 2022 at its “Marco Simone Golf Club”, which is not only the most important international golf event but also one of the most followed media events worldwide, thus making an essential contribution to the promotion of Italy’s sports image around the world.




Premio Mecenate dello Sport
© Fondazione Di Pietro


Sede legale: Via Nascosa, 1445
Sede operativa: Via San Carlo da Sezze, 23

04100 Latina ITALY